Canis Central

Pet Service in Tunbridge Wells, Kent




Canis Central provides dog walking to Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. Canis Central is owned by Viggo, a passionate dog walker who loves walking with the pack, no matter what the weather, and focuses on giving all dogs as stimulating a walk as possible. Going for a walk is an essential part of every dog’s day, allowing them to stretch their legs, burn off some energy, explore and socialise. He varies the dog walking locations over ten different walks in areas of Tunbridge Wells. These include Hargate Forest, Broadwater Warren, Penshurst and Harrisons Rocks, to name a few. By the end of their walk, all the dogs have been tired out through endless play – with sticks, balls and each other!

Services provided:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Grooming

Area covered:

  • Southborough
  • Tunbridge Wells
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