Abbie's Dog Academy

Pet Service in Armadale, West Lothian


Abbie's dog academy offers personalised behavioural sessions which tackle a range of behavioural issues. A personalised approach includes a one-to-one session and a training plan tailored to your dog. Behavioural sessions can help your dog overcome: aggression towards people and/or other animals, resource guarding, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, destructive behaviours, repetitive behaviour (e.g. tail chasing), lack of recall, mouthing, jumping up on guests, lack of toilet training, pulling on the lead and many more. Abbie has an honours degree in Animal Behaviour (BSc) and uses science-based training methods which are positive and force-free.

Services provided:

  • Dog Training

Area covered:

  • Armadale
  • Ballencrieff
  • Blackridge
  • Bridgend
  • Broxburn
  • East Calder
  • Livingston
  • Stoneyburn
  • Whitburn
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